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Year Levels

Primary School , Secondary School

Primary School Resources

Where does our food and fibre come from? Did you know that each Australian farmer produces enough food to feed 600 people; 150 at home and 450 overseas?

The RAS Education Team has developed an Agriculture & Food Program with 8 syllabus-linked units that are suitable for Early Stage 1 – Stage 3 students. The program meets NSW Syllabus Outcomes with particular emphasis on Science & Technology, English and Geography. The program also provides opportunities to pursue learning outcomes in History, Mathematics, and Creative Arts.

STEM and Project Based Learning opportunities are provided for every year group and can be completed as stand-alone classroom work or form part of the Agriculture & Food Program. These also provide an assessment tool for teachers with each of the 6 Projects including a Matrix for student guidance and teacher marking.

Go to our RAS Primary School Program overview, with 8 units of work and over 43 unique worksheets that are all free to download.

Secondary School Resources

Bringing agriculture into your classroom is easy with the RAS Education printable resources that aim to support learning and guide discussion. Our resources range from the “Career Stepping Stones” printable posters that demonstrate the pathways into and out of agricultural industries across the supply chain, to the number of informative documents and worksheets that introduce the range of agricultural industries represented in Australian and will be on display at the Sydney Royal Easter Show each year.

Our resources can be incorporated into a range of syllabus outcomes and can supplement pre and post excursion learning to the Sydney Royal Easter Show and they are all free to download!