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Farming / Dairy / Healthy Eating

Year Levels

Primary School

Discover Dairy is Dairy Australia’s free, curriculum linked, online education portal providing teachers with lessons, activities and games to help them teach students about where their food is coming from, what they should be eating and the importance of the Australian dairy industry.

Brimming with all things dairy related and resources aligned to key parts of the Australian curriculum, Discover Dairy provides educators with the tools and resources to bring the Australian dairy industry into the classroom.

Discover Dairy features fun, interactive learning activities for primary school students to go on a journey of discovery where they can research, study, interact and share the topic of dairy with their classmates.

It also features a recipe hub for canteen staff and parents, to encourage students to make healthy lunch and snack choices, and parents can also use the resource to reinforce positive eating habits at home.

Discover Dairy today, visit www.dairy.edu.au/discoverdairy