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Timetable Challenge

Learning how to understand and use timetables is an important life skill for students as they become more independent and make choices about sustainable ways to travel. This lesson introduces students to transport timetables; it teaches them how to read and interpret timetable information; and it provides them with the opportunity to experiment with using timetables to plan journeys using public transport services.

Students will:

• Explore the concept of timetables across a range of transport services
• Develop appropriate skills in order to interpret and understand timetables
• Compare 12- and 24-hour time systems
• Identify how to plan a journey using timetables
• Locate and review timetable information for real local services
• Develop the skills to plan a real journey.



Year Level

Year 5, Year 6, Year 7

Type of Resource

Lesson Plan

Time to complete activity

45-60 mins

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