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Stamp Collecting Month 2019
Stamp Collecting Month provides an exciting way for primary students from Year 3 to Year 6 to engage with interesting learning focus areas through stamps. This year Stamp Collecting Month is celebrated in August and the theme, In The Garden focuses on environmental sustainability and sustainable gardening. The engaging curriculum aligned resources support students through learning about a topical and relevant area of interest.

Visit our website and be the first to see this year’s stamp series to be released 1 August 2019.

Year 3 
Students will explore the animals that visit their school garden over a period of time then design and create a nesting box for one species to encourage them to thrive!

Year 4
Students discover amazing facts about worms and build a worm farm to support their school’s kitchen garden.

Year 5
Students explore how they can be more water wise and design and create a rainwater garden for their school grounds.

Year 6
Students will investigate the effect of pollinators on our environment and design and create a sustainable veggie garden for their school.


Design and Technologies, Geography, Health and Physical Education, Science

Year Level

Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Type of Resource

Classroom Kit, Activity, Lesson Plans, Interactive

Time to complete activity

1 - 3 hours each