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Let’s Explore Technology

This curriculum-linked educational resource aims to help teachers and students in primary schools, investigate and understand more about the Australian Dairy industry.

This is a unit with six sequences about milk production and the processes farmers use to bring us fresh, great tasting, wholesome milk and dairy products.

Students will:

* investigate where dairy cows are raised and where milk is produced;
* explore tools, equipment, procedures and systems used to produce milk;
* explore the knowledge, understandings and skills used by dairy farms to create their product;
* explore pasteurisation as a food technology used to extend milk’s shelf life and provide health and food safety;
* explore homogenisation as a process used to make milk smooth;
* use and apply concepts and ideas about how milk us produced;
* design and deliver a presentation to describe production practices;
* create a simple dairy food;
* reflect and evaluate on what students know about how milk and other dairy products are produced.


Science, Design and Technologies

Year Level

Year 3, Year 4

Type of Resource

Unit of Work

Time to complete activity

Six inquiry based teaching phases

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