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Planning, designing and building Sydney Metro Northwest in your classroom. Topics covered: A railway for Sydney’s North West region, Linking the nation, Planning, designing and building a railway.

This book and related online materials are curriculum resources for primary teachers and students produced by Sydney Metro Northwest in consultation with practising teachers and curriculum specialists. Both teachers and specialists were members of the Sydney Metro Northwest Education Reference Group, an advisory body formed under the auspices of the Sydney Metro Northwest Education Program in March 2013. The Sydney Metro Northwest Education Reference Group advised on the design and development of this resource and, along with independent reviewers, provided comments on a final draft of this document.

Ready to teach, syllabus-based lessons for 7–10

  • „ Links to current syllabuses
  • „ Activities and units of work for 7–10
  • „ Lessons for Geography, English, History, Mathematics and Science

„ Teacher reference notes and extension work.




Geography, History, English, Mathematics, Science

Year Level

Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10

Type of Resource

Lesson Plan, Unit of Work, Educator Guide, Education Program

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