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Louise Cummins has written and published her first ever picture book; A Different Kind of Brilliant –
designed to help children better understand and support their classmates or siblings with autism in a positive way.

Cummins, a single mother of one to Lachlan who was diagnosed with autism at age three, has
created a colourful and tangible tool to help her son and other children around the world
understand what autism is. The book is designed to show how many successful people, all over the world and throughout history, have used their uniquely wired brains to change the world for better.

To facilitate in classroom learning Louise and an education company have developed free teacher
downloads for classes to understand what makes someone brilliantly different. You can download
the resources from the website: https://adifferentkindofbrilliant.com/

Educational uses:

  • Use this book to promote discussion and understanding about celebrating differences.
  • Use this book to encourage autistic students, parents and school community to see their ‘differences’ in a positive way.


English, Social and Emotional Development

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Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4

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