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littleBIGidea 2017

What do the black box flight recorder, the bionic ear, and Wi-Fi hotspots all have in common? They’re all some of the greatest inventions of our time – and they were all developed right here in Australia. Our kids come up with amazing ideas too. Over the years, they’ve invented brilliant things like the trampoline, icy poles and ear muffs.

So to unearth the next generation of young inventors, Origin started the littleBIGidea competition. It’s designed to inspire creativity in children in years 3-8 – and encourage students to come up with a new invention, an improvement to something already existing, or a clever idea that helps make the world around us a better place.

With three major prizes across each category (grades 3-4, grades 5-6 and years 7-8) of a trip to NASA Kennedy Space Centre, there’s a big incentive for teachers, parents and children to get involved. And a chance to create an invention we could all be using for years to come.

In its third year, the competition saw amazing success in 2016, with nearly 1,000 entries from all across the country. The three winners received phenomenal coverage of their winning ideas both on national TV and in social media, and are in the process of looking to develop and produce them, with the hope that one day they will be sold in Australia and potentially around the world.

 Register your interest in littleBIGidea for your child’s chance to win a trip of a lifetime to NASA at https://www.littlebigidea.com.au/







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