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Years 7-10, 13-17 years  Workshop

Australia’s rail network is the sixth largest in the world, with 44,000 km of track and 23,500 level crossings across the network. A large portion of the network is unfenced. Learning safety skills around trains and tracks at a young age is as important as learning to cross the road or how to swim.

Sydney Trains empowers students to improve their safety with student-led activities, discussions and scenarios. We have a range of incursion themes to choose from.

Key messages

  • What does train fare money pay for?
  • Defining fare evasion
  • Different types of ticketing (relevant to students)

Student-led activities, discussions and scenarios including a mock game show.

Maximum: 30 students per workshop / Time: Approx 60 minutes (+20 mins set up time)







Year Level

Secondary School

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